Friday, December 5, 2008

I am back to blogging!

First post in about two months!! Ugh. This has been my longest hiatus so far since I started blogging about 7 months ago. A long time isn't it? Some of you readers might be wondering where I went to...yes, the conjecture is right, if yours is 'he must be busy'. Yup, I was busy. Damn busy, if you asked much so that I am bereft of inspirations to blog. Heck, I might have forgotten that I have a blog but luckily, the presence of Plurk did help remind me of that. What is this Plurk thing then, you may wonder. Well, then you have to stay tuned to my next episode(s) of blogging.

This semester had been a relatively easy one, in the academic sense but a tough one in terms of multi-tasking. Especially in the middle part, where the companies made a beeline to give campus recruitment talks. There's not much allowance when you have to juggle your daily lessons, FYP, as well as draft some sensible-looking resumes so that the companies might consider calling you for an interview. And not to mention, having to deal with some idiots that simply got into your bones. I'd let that pass, though.

Just in case you ask, nope, the FYP is not over yet. Far from it, in fact...and I am blogging in the midst of doing characterization for my concoctions, praying that no freak results would come out. And yup, I would most certainly need to get my social life back on track on these crazy period is over. It had better be quick.

Alrighty, that's about all. There will be better posts than this once my blogging inspirations come flooding back, and you can be sure of that.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Intuitions. Do you trust them?

Intuitions. The power of knowing or understanding something without having to think hard. Or call it 'sixth sense' if you want. They may not be exactly the same, but they do come close I feel. In my opinion, such a 'skill' is complementary to logical thinking, and is a good defense mechanism when logical thinking does not seem to derive you the answers you want. At least, it works for me. Strange eh? Considering this is coming from a guy...although it is commonly said that women have better intuitions than men.

Let me cite you a few examples then:

1). There was once, or rather twice, or maybe even more, when I had strong intuitions before I receive my exam paper. On the first occasion, it was in secondary 2, just before I receive my history paper. I had a strong hunch that I was going to get a certain score...and what's creepy was, the score on that paper actually matched my hunch seamlessly! And then there was this other occasion when I took back my Physics mid-term paper. I also had this strong feeling that I was going to do exceptionally well. And turned out, it did.

2). Now, this one was not that pleasant. I was seeing this girl not very long was my first flame, and we clicked, so I was thinking why not give it a go again. But on a particular Saturday, I had this weird feeling throughout the entire day. It's like a deep sense of sorrow, as if my heart had been carved open...and guess what? Something unpleasant happened between her and her friend that very night...and my heart was battered. I then decided that it would be wise to move on, as there is no point keeping someone who's heart is not with you.

Also, there are countless other times when I had small hunches which, more often than not, proved to be right. Such as when I feel something amiss about an individual, something is bound to happen later.

I have always pride myself as a logical person...but one's brain can only bring you so far. Maybe I should also learn to listen and trust the vibes that my heart gives out.

So how about you then? Do you trust yours?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

What makes landing a job you want difficult? My two cents

Alright, so I am at the crossroads of life now. The transitional period, so to speak. Hence, the issue of job search naturally comes to mind. The economy is bad, everyone knows it, I know it too, but none of us can help it...except do our best in the things we are in control of. Recently, I went to a couple of career talks held within my school and the hiring rates were, as expected, not good. Not good at all...even for renowned MNCs. Which makes things even harder, with ever increasing number of graduates and ever diminishing number of vacancies.

I shan't go into techniques of writing resumes and such...those, I believe, are already very well-documented. What makes securing a job that you want difficult is, I feel, the intricacies that are involved within each and every facet of the process before the confirmation:

1). The search

The big search is on, and you eagerly collect information from a variety of sources, such as from friends, career advisers, the internet, newspapers, etc. The number of choices look dazzlingly kaleidoscopic, and you are undecided.

Some of the packages seem very tempting, but things are not always what they seem.

2). Resumes

Deciding what to write, and what not to write. You don't want to sound like a broken record. You have to try and magnify whatever contributions you have had in the past to demonstrate your qualities without sounding unreliable and boastful. It's even harder if the things you did somehow seemed less 'significant' than others.

Oh, and not to mention, your resumes must not look like they have been photocopied.

Always a tough one.

3). Psychological roller-coaster

So, after some effort, you have finally sent out copies of resumes...and you wait. And wait. And wait. Good for you if you manage to get a call or mail for further clarification, or an interview. But if you don''s back to square one again. The anxiety from the expectations and anticipation can really wear a person down by a lot, especially if it has dragged on for months.

Brace yourself!

4). Matching

Matching can mean a lot of things. Matching between the company's goal/vision and yours. The compatibility of your personality, qualifications and experiences with what's required of the job. The list goes on and on...

And I personally feel that matching of the 'software' (e.g. personality, goal and vision) is tougher than those of 'hardware' (e.g. qualifications) as they are often more covert, so to speak.

5). Politics and relations every part of the world, such things can either make or break a deal...regardless of how complete your matching process is. I shan't go further.

The bottom line is: humans are overly complicated. Sometimes, too much for our own good.

6). Interviews

Now that you have been shortlisted, the battle is on! It's a chance for you to shine, but things can turn out really badly if you are not prepared...just imagine getting bombarded with the most prying, difficult type of questions by a panel of judges, with your every action and word analyzed.

I have undergone a 1.5 hour interview before. Trust me, I was already 50% brain-dead around halfway through the interview. I was amazed even myself that I had enough energy to board the MRT later on...

7). Negotiation

Finally, you are one of the fortunate few that passed through numerous acid tests and they have invited you for contract negotiation. But it's not done and dusted yet...there are still a few traps to look out for. Failing those could send you out before the last hurdle.

I am sure my turn to experience all these are fast arriving, so I have to be prepared for the battles ahead. But I will not shirk the challenge. All the best to me!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I had my hand on 4 other girls'!!!

Good gracious. I don't think it has ever happened before, me touching the hands of the other four girls'! And examining them at close range, admiring their suppleness and softness. To add, I can tell who, out of the four, had been doing household chores...unlike the other three. I wonder how you would have felt if you were in my position. ;) must be thinking: how come I am so humsup right? Wrong! I am not, 'cos I am decent. Hahaha. And I didn't do that just because I liked to. It's because one of the girls, R, mentioned about palmistry during a conversation...and so, I helped them to do a free analysis.

Let's call the other three girls as A, B and S.

Before I say anything, I would like to first state that...I am half a pail of water when it comes to palmistry. Or 半桶水 in Chinese. I do know a bit, not much, but good enough for brief explanation.

Think of your palm as an uneven, barren plain with three main rivers and a multitude of creeks and tributaries. These three main rivers are termed as the relationship (top), intellect (middle) and life (bottom) lines. There is also a (usually) vertical line that runs from the base of your palm to somewhere beneath your fourth finger, or in between your middle and fourth finger. I have even seen slanted ones. This line is your career line.

Notice the short, horizontal lines below the base of your little finger? Those indicate how many relationships you are likely to have. The deepest line indicate marriage. The depth of each line also indicates the depth of each relationship.

Since I am no expert, I will give the most general rules in reading palmistry:

1). The lines should preferably be deep and easily visible, like being cut through by a blade
2). The lines should preferably not be broken
3). It is more favorable that there aren't too many 'tributaries' on your palm
4). If there are chain-like and/or criss-cross formations on one or more of your lines, it means you are likely to run into difficulties in those areas
5). Based on the orientation and position of the line(s), different meanings can be derived from it
6). For males, the left hand signifies the readings before 50. For females, refer to your right hand. Naturally, the other hand signifies those after 50
7). Lines do change, albeit slowly

HOKAY!! That's it for now. Just wanna share it with all of you 'cos I find it interesting.

And last but not least, palmistry is just for reference only...

Enjoy reading your palms!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Guess what am I doing, all alone inside a lecture hall?

The semester's getting busy, so not much time to blog. And no inspirations too...unless people wants to know what I have been cooking up in the lab. Hahahaha. Hmm. Anyway, now I am all alone inside the Engineering Auditorium. What do you think I am doing? Taking a chance to catch a nap? Surfing some boliao websites? Digging my nose? Catching up with some readings that are so un-read for the past couple of weeks? Plurking?

None of them are right! In fact, I am multi-tasking. I don't know why, but I love doing that. Reading stuff + blogging + enjoying the air-con and hoping that I don't die of coldness cometh 6pm. Hahaha. Just being boliao here. Life has too much things to do sometimes...and I must learn to take a break from time to time.

As for those who saw my Plurk a few days ago, don't worry, I am getting better and better. Some things just do not come at the right time...and I will leave it at that. Anyway, I am too busy to be bothered about it.

Alright...that's it for now. Stay tuned for further updates. As I may, just may, be struck by a new inspiration again.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Singapore claims silver medal in ladies' table tennis final

I usually do not watch table tennis, as I find soccer more attractive. However, for once, I have decided to do so. Primarily because Singapore managed to secure an Olympic medal after a barren spell that stretches over nearly half a century, and also due to my curiosity to see which color will that medal be. The matches commenced duly at approximately 7.45pm, and my, what an enthralling competition it was between Singapore and China. Here are the summary of the scores and the respective sets:

Wang Nan defeats Feng Tian Wei: 9-11, 11-3, 11-8, 11-6

Feng Tian Wei started the match-up with gusto, clinching the first match 11-9. However, as the match wore on, Wang Nan's experience began to show as she drew Feng Tian Wei into a series of mistakes, particularly a few wild, skied returns. Feng continued to fight valiantly, but the gulf in experience is too wide for a miracles to occur.

Zhang Yi Ning defeats Li Jiawei: 9-11, 11-3, 11-4, 11-7

In the past, Zhang Yi Ning have encountered Li Jiawei a total of 13 times and have lost none of them, hence it is up to Li to overturn the form books. Li started brightly to claim the first match 11-9, albeit with a bit of jitters. However, Zhang's class began to show from the second match onwards, her fast and ferocious strokes proving very tough for Li to deal with. A couple of her shots were perfectly measured, just clipping the edge of the table before bouncing out. Consequentially, Zhang's victory meant China were 2-0 ahead.

Zhang Yi Ning/Guo Yue defeated Li Jiawei/Wang Yue Gu: 11-8, 11-5, 11-6

In the final match-up, Li Jiawei and Wang Yue Gu faced up to the Chinese duo of Zhang Yi Ning and Guo Yue. The Singapore duo began well, racing into a 4-0 lead at one stage. However, their opponents were assured, clawing back point by point before clinching the first match. In the second and third matches, the China duo were visibly nippier than the Singapore duo, forcing Li and Wang to make a series of errors. It was inevitable that China would also eventually claim the set.

Hence, the final score is - China 3 Singapore 0.

The score looked overwhelming, but looking at the purely the score would be understating the effort of the Singapore team. It is always going to be difficult playing on foreign soil, especially up against some of the world's best table tennis players on their home soil. The kind of pressure these athletes were under are scarcely imaginable to us spectators.

From a personal point of view, the quality of the matches were one of the best I have ever seen. The pace of the game hardly allowed a reprieve and the techniques on display, breathtaking. Although Singapore had lost, I still applaud the athletes for the enthusiasm, fight, skill and dedication they have shown throughout the tournament to have landed the country, a long-awaited medal.

Well done, Singapore!

Monday, August 11, 2008

So what does your name mean?

I was chatting on the shoutbox with a few pingsters last night, and zhane brought up the topic of 'counting life' (算命), also known as fortune telling. And gradually, the topic shifted to 'name counting', which is a form of fortune telling whereby your name is analyzed. So, I decided to share some of my knowledge regarding the topic here. The general rules of 'name counting' are as follows:

1). Only Chinese characters are considered. Hence, Christian names are not considered

2). The name must be written in Chinese traditional form

3). There are a total of five numbers that can be derived from any Chinese name. They are the heaven (天格), human (人格), earth (地格), external (外格) and total (总格) numbers. Only the last four are meaningful as the surname is fixed.

4). Heaven number (天格) is obtained by adding 1 to your surname

5). Human number (人格) is obtained by adding the strokes of your first and second characters together. It exerts an influence over the entire stretch of your life, and is particularly influential over youth. It also symbolizes a person's personality and character

6). Earth number (地 格) is obtained by adding the strokes of your second and third characters together. It exerts an influence prior to middle age and is representative of one's offspring and spouse

7). External number (外 格) is obtained by adding 1 to the third character. It determines the nature of energy governing your life. In addition, it also governs the nature of interaction between one and the others, such as friends, family members, the public, etc

8). Total number (总 格) is the summation of all three characters in your name. It exerts an influence over the latter stages of middle age to old age

9). For surnames with more than one character (e.g. 公孙), the strokes are summed up as one character

10). For names with only one character, the 'second character' is represented by 1. For example, for Chinese athlete Liu Xiang (刘翔), his earth number (地 格) will be 13 strokes (12 strokes from + 1)

11). Characters with special sides may be counted specially, for example, the surname Guo (郭) has 15 strokes in 'name counting' as the 'ear' part (耳) is counted as 7 strokes when it's placed on the right

12). Each strokes have an element attached to it. These elements are wood (X1, X2), fire (X3, X4), earth (X5, X6), metal (X7, X8) and water (X9, X0), where X is an positive integer inclusive of 0

13). The compatibility of elements affect the name positively or negatively. They are summarized as follows:

- Compatible: wood and fire, fire and earth, earth and metal, metal and water, water and wood

- Opposes: wood and earth, fire and metal, earth and water, metal and wood, water and fire

Here's an example:

Chairman Mao (毛泽东) is the founder of Chinese Communist Party in 1921. According to 'name counting' rules, his name to be used is the Chinese traditional style, 毛澤東. By applying the rules, his numbers are as follow -

Heaven number (天格) - 5 strokes (element: earth)

Human number (人格) - 21 strokes (element: wood)

Earth number (地 格) - 25 strokes (element: earth)

External number (外 格) - 9 strokes (element: water)

Total number (总 格) - 29 strokes (element: water)

From his name, it can be seen that he has leadership qualities (21 strokes) but his life is generally laden with a lot of hardships (9 strokes).

Each and every stroke have its unique meaning. Due to its length, they are not described in this post. However, the auspicious nature of the numbers are listed below:

Auspicious strokes

1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 21, 23, 24, 25, 31, 32, 33, 35, 37, 39, 41, 45, 47, 48, 52, 57, 61, 63, 65, 67, 68, 81

Semi-auspicious strokes

12, 14, 26, 27, 29, 38, 51, 58, 71, 73, 75, 77, 78

Inauspicious strokes

2, 4, 19, 20, 22, 28, 30, 34, 36, 40, 42, 43, 44, 46, 49, 50, 53, 54, 55, 56, 59, 60, 62, 64, 66, 69, 70, 72, 74, 76, 79, 80

For total number exceeding 80 strokes, the counter is reset (e.g. For a total of 87 strokes, the explanation is identical to that for 7 strokes).

Disclaimer: This post is made out of fun and to answer some of the question posted last night in the shoutbox. 'Name counting' is by no means a 'be all end all' thing, it just serves as a form of reference. Life is a very complicated thing, and the 'auspiciousness' of one's name is only partially influential.

After all, some do say that '30% of your life is pre-determined, 70% of your life is determined by you'.

Peace out.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A response to 'send all princesses to army'

In relation to this post 'send all princesses to army' and some of the things I have learned these couple of years, I find that it is getting harder and harder to be a guy, especially in the romantic aspect. The so-called 'dating rules' just keep changing all the time, so much so that sometimes I feel rather tired of catching up.

A few years back, during my JC days, I came across this term 'SNAG' or 'Sensitive New Age Guy', where the guy is supposed to adopt certain originally considered feminine qualities such as being sensitive, caring, compassionate, blah blah blah. This is quite different from the traditional qualities that guys should have, such as being daring, able to shoulder responsibilities. chivalrous, etc.

Then, in these couple of years, I came across a new set of 'doctrine' on how guys should behave in the romantic aspect. The mastermind of this 'doctrine' is none other than David DeAngelo. In his 'doctrine', he argued that guys should possess, fundamentally, the following qualities in order to be successful in the romantic aspect:

1). Maintaining a 'tension' in the courtship and relationship
2). Be cocky and funny
3). Do not be a wussy (take: SNAG)

Follow these rules, or otherwise remain as a chronic failure, he claims.

Quite a lot of qualities to have, isn't it? (I summarized the things he preach, hence it's down to three points) This is especially hard for guys who do not have them in the first place, me included (although I am trying to pick up some of them).

Lately, I have also came across a forum whereby some female forummers left their ex, despite being treated very well, as they 'did not find the guy to be a challenge' or 'is confused'. Confused by what? Only God knows.

Seriously, I think the reasons they gave are rubbish. You have someone who tends to all your needs, what more do you want?

I guess I do not need to repeat that guys need to have a stable career, thick purse loadings, own a car, plus a house, etc etc...on top of all these, we need to know how 'the game' works. Strangely enough, I do not seem to come across a similar set of 'doctrine' for the girls.

Perhaps it's time for someone to come up with that.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Formulation of a new...relationship theory!

Had a short conversation with a friend, A, who is in US now for a work-and-travel program. I have known him for more than a decade, so he qualifies as an old friend. Conversation was great and midway through things, we touched on the topic of relationships. So it went something like this:

A: So how are things over at your side?

Me: No good. Hit a rock lately.

A: How come?

Me: I don't's kind of sucky I guess. (Briefly told him my situation)

A: You should persevere!

Me: Sometimes perseverance is useless...especially if that person is not doing the same, or not worth your perseverance

[The conversation went on for quite some time. I can't really remember all the details. However, I came up with a theory of my own, which I did not expect I would in the first place]

Me: When you fall for someone, everything about him/her seems to be perfect.

Me: But when time passes, his/her flaws will start to show. His/her 'rating' in your eyes will start to drop.

Me: It keeps on dropping...until a level where it somehow stabilizes. At that point, you have roughly attained a good understanding of how 'sucky' your other half is.

Me: And if you can accept this level of suckiness, he/she can soon become your spouse!

OK there. I know I am oversimplifying things, but isn't this a rough picture of how things progress in a relationship? Although it is human nature to always be at our best, this, shall I say the somewhat false 'image' would gradually deteriorate over time and our real self will show (though not completely). Usually, the person who gets to see the protracted deterioration of the 'image' is our the other half.

And this pseudo-stability may change after marriage too. It usually gets worse...although occasionally, the level of suckiness of this other half that you are with may decrease. May only.

Thanks for reading!

Peace out~

Monday, July 21, 2008 2nd Anniversary - A success

The day was 19 July at around 2.30pm. I sauntered out of Dhoby Ghaut MRT station and was welcomed by a warm sunny weather, as I headed for the destination: Fig & Olive. Not too many people on the road, which was good, as I would not be late for the final preparation before the party starts. The journey was relatively smooth and within a quarter of an hour, I had reached the doorsteps of the outlet.

Preparations: An overview

As I stepped inside, not too many pingsters were there at first. Converged around two tables were about six pingsters, including NTT and daphne who were dabbling with the presentation slides and scripts for the final time. The atmosphere was casual, with most of the stuff already in place for the event.

Gradually, more and more of the committee members arrived with the necessary stuff. The cupcakes department was the first to be ready, with 64 of the sweet thingies all hiding inside the three big cardboard boxes, awaiting to be devoured. The envelope department caught up rather quickly too, with approximately 80 envelopes quickly settled by us few pingsters. Following suit are the souvenirs and audio/video departments, which brushed up their work before registration time with minimal fuss.

And I, too, grabbed a T-shirt for myself. My first T-shirt! Another free T-shirt to my wardrobe, although I...still haven't wore it. Yet.

The game

Now cometh one of the most exciting parts of the anniversary itself - The Pong & Poof Game! Some of the pingsters started 'attacking' others with the stickers right away, with a few of them being the popular targets for these 'attacks'. I got 'attacked' a few times as well, but not as many as the one that eventually won - the little girl who's got so many stickers on her name tag that, one would really struggle to count the exact number of the stickers.

It's presentation time!

At approximately 4pm, NTT and mintea commenced the award ceremony in tandem. Awards were given out without major hiccups, in the witness of a throng of excited pingsters. Conclusively, there wasn't a single moment of boredom within the ceremony itself.

Second round of mingling plus dinner

Due to the awards presentation finishing slightly earlier than expected (at around 5.30pm), dinner was not ready yet. Hence, the time was ripe for the unveiling of the cupcakes! 64 cupcakes, nicely arranged on a round table, was wheeled out in eager anticipation of the pingsters. A pleasant contrast was achieved in the use of the color schemes of the cake, with blue letter toppings or whitish-blue little decorations and the chocolate at the bottom sandwiching a rather thick layer of the cream in the middle. The texture and feel of the cake had the right amount of thickness, without an overly strong aroma.

The only (minor) joke of the day was...I mistook the dragees as metal balls -_- and I actually wondered why would I be needing iron supplements when I am not suffering from iron deficiency...

Anyway! Dinner was promptly served while we were busying finishing our cupcakes. A good variety of dishes were served buffet-style, and I had my share too. The food deserved between 7 to 8 marks, out of a total of 10! During this period, I also had the chance to interact with some of the pingsters which I have never seen before.

Lipdub video

Next up was the lipdub video, the masterful concoction directed by rinaz and helped out by a group of pingsters. And I have to say that, it was amazing! I have never done one myself and I didn't know it can be so humorous. (Well I had the chance to, but I was bogged down by other stuffs so I couldn't contribute =() I would definitely want to do one if I get a next chance. Heh.

Lucky draw!

After the sponsors' speech and presentation of the blog, as well as post of the year award, the final event of the day was the lucky draw. The funny thing was, prior to the draw itself, I actually had a premonition that I would be one of the winners. I don't know why, but my sixth sense usually would not fail me. And it did not, as I got myself a $20 Borders voucher! Time to shop for some books~haha.


The lucky draw was then succeeded by group phototaking, of which the camera lady expertly managed to squeeze all the pingsters into her photo frame. Looking outside, it was already 8pm, with the roads wetted by drizzles. As some of the pingsters geared up for the after party-party at Timbre, I had to make a move first as I had a long day prior to the anniversary.

And so off I go, making my way slowly back to the train station and beyond. The air was slightly cold, but it could not douse my mood as it had been a successful anniversary. Hope that will get better and better!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Life lessons that I have far

Been busy with my FYP readings these few days and haven't had the chance or inspiration to update my blog. Now I have. Hahaha. Something emotionally shocking happened a few days back, but I am gradually putting the pieces together again. Crises and misfortunes occur all the time throughout one's life, so it's your choice whether to come out stronger or raise your white flag. Though it is rather tempting to choose the second option (for the lack of fight), I have always picked the first choice.

I have a strong inclination towards deep thinking. Some friends of mine may find this statement intriguing, because they only see the crappy side of me the majority of the time. I do have a serious side as well, although not so evident at times. Admittedly, what's the use of thinking so much? I don't have the answer to my questions most of the time, but isn't life itself about continually exploring until you find the answers? It may take you 10, 20 years to find the answer. Perhaps you will never find the answer. Still, I persist staying on the road I have taken thus far.

Although 20+ years of life isn't that long, I did learn some things, some of which came from literature, others from personal experiences...most I did not once believe religiously until now...

1). Fight for the things you can fight for. Those that you cannot, just try your best and hope for the best

2). Think of how others feel before you say or act

3). Stand up for yourself when the situation requires you to

4). Accumulate as much good karma as you can, it will work for you nicely in future

5). Realize the importance of prioritization and flexible time management. It is never a good idea to cram your schedule and make your lifestyle extremely tense

6). Love with a true heart, without deception. Those that do not treasure are their losses anyway

7). No matter how popular you are, there is always someone who loves to go against you

8). Sometimes it is good to maintain a low profile. High profile attracts envy, jealousy and troubles alike

9). Act fast when an opportunity passes by. Let too many pass, and your life will be full of regrets

10). Care about those who genuinely cares about you as well

10 lessons. There may be more, but that's all I can think of for now. I am sure more lines will be added to this list as the new chapters in my life unfold...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I ran away from school and went uncaught for 208 days!!

The exodus...had officially ended yesterday. Yup, I am not joking...I counted. I was away from school for 208 days. When I stepped back into the school, I had to take a bit of time to figure out where to go to a couple of places. Everything looks familiar yet a tad distant, refreshing yet nostalgic. Ah. Feels so good to run away from school...

Now...what were you thinking? I was away from school because of attachment lah. I am such a good student OK~why would I do such a thing? xD Then, why did I decide to go back then, you ask? It was to meet my professor to discuss how to kick start my FYP... =p

It was approximately 2.30pm. Time for the meeting. I was a bit apprehensive as for one, I have never met that professor before (I selected the project based on recommendations) and two, it was actually my very first time during the three years in school, that I am visiting a professor alone for discussion. And so...gingerly, I knocked on the door. After a few knocks, he asked me to go in and I did.

After roughly half an hour, I was out of his office. Not a bad first meeting, I guess. I was briefed on the framework of my project...and it sounded...chim (OK OK, which FYP title is not chim?) But I have the confidence to do it, as I find it interesting and do know a bit of stuff related to the project.

Subsequently, I went to see a co-supervisor and received some administrative instructions. That's formal, you think. But the focus is not here. The focus was...I actually walked the wrong direction before I realized my mistake. Well...that's what a long exodus from your familiar environment can do to you... =(

Anyway, this re-embarkation onto the school compound marked the beginning of another journey. What will happen on this journey? I don't know, but I hope everything can go as smoothly as possible.

Peace out~

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My friend tried to make me drink piss!! O.O

It's shocking, no joke!! I went to a friend's birthday outing last Friday to celebrate with her and...she also gave me a present! Reason being, she was busy during my birthday and did not have the opportunity to celebrate it with me. The gift was...kinda huge, hence I could not pack it into my bag. It measured approximately 45 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm, thus I had to carry it home through several MRT stations with inquisitive eyes falling on my present from time to time. At last! I got home, and eagerly opened the wrapper. And...

Lo and behold! I was surprised when I saw this legendary...

...pissing machine!!

Honestly speaking, I have never seen anything quite like it's a closer shot at the machine:

Notice how straight (or overly straight) the little boy (THE BOY, not his 'thing') stands? Must be due to an overloaded bladder...

...and the tiny metal orifice is where the kiddo 'processes' your Milo Fuze, Ovaltine, green tea or what not into piss...for you to drink!

Anyway, I haven't tried it myself yet...the button at its back is kinda...hard to depress...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What’s the shortest distance between you and a celebrity?

10 m? 20 m? Or under 1 cm? Do note that I am not referring to the distance whereby when you saw your favorite celebrity (whoever that is) on your TV, lost yourself and decided to plant a huge kiss on the TV screen. I am referring to actually seeing him or her in their real self.

I am not someone who would gatecrash concerts, attend autograph sessions or splash cash on extravagant match tickets just to catch celebrities in action. However, I am fortunate enough myself to have caught sight of a total of…3 celebrities, when I wasn’t planning to at all.

Celebrity #1

Felicia Chin

Last seen: Approximately October 2007

Venue: Techno Edge, NUS

Seen: She was asking for students’ opinions on certain stalls. Looks like another food program

Outlook: Explosive hairstyle with bright red colored hair. Full body dress with high heels, complete with extravagant makeup

Approximate equilibrium separation: ~30 m

Was hurrying to a lecture after consuming my lunch, so did not move closer to take a better look at her

Celebrity #2

Quan Yi-feng

Last seen: Approximately January 2008

Venue: Bedok town area, in front of a flower shop

Seen: Elaborating on how to prepare certain home-made noodle dish with a male co-host, surrounded by a small crowd of audience

Outlook: Flamboyant red hair, thick mascara complete with sleeveless shirt and jeans

Approximate equilibrium separation: ~5 m

I stood around for around 10 minutes before moving off, as I needed to do some errands.

Celebrity #3

Adrian Pang

Last seen: Last Saturday!

Venue: Somewhere outside a medical shop in Bedok town area

Seen: Alone, possibly for a walk or to shop

Outlook: White sleeveless shirt and blue jeans. Seemed to be rather solemn and maybe a bit tense

Approximate equilibrium separation: ~2 m

Hmm...I could have possibly stepped on his toes had I decided to do a standing broad jump. LOL!

So! The shortest distance between me and a celebrity is ~2 m. What's yours? =p

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I pontanged from my work today!!! go to Sentosa. The feeling of the sound of waves, the rustling of leaves, warm rays from the sun and the feel of those finely ground white sand beneath my feet approximately 510 days ago just resurfaced at an instant. Few moments can be better than slacking away in the vastly empty Tanjong Beach, while probably most people are still sweating profusely at their desks, trying their best to clear the stash of papers beside the PC before 5.30pm strikes.

It was approximately 3pm. I was beginning to feel a bit listless, when some of my friends saw a soccer ball lying unguarded on the crystalline sand, with two pairs of slippers erected in the sand, on two sides of it. What luck!! That must be what me and my friends were thinking. So we rushed forth to 'tamper' with the ball. Initially, we decided to play beach soccer...but not wanting to leave the girls out, we changed the game to captain's ball instead. No chairs? Never mind! Just us and the ball will do. And what a fun hour that was, although my movement was a bit laborious under the hot sun and soft sand.

OK! Are you envious by now? Hahaha~~but look!! There is something fishy here. Have you been reading my posts all along? You would know what's wrong if you had been doing so... :p

Note: NPNT, I know I know...will upgrade my handphone soon so I can post beautiful pictures~~

Saturday, May 31, 2008

IA farewell dinner @ River View Hotel...with announcements

OK so my IA is ending soon (about four weeks from now), thus my boss decided to invite me and my friend, B (another IA student), along with some colleagues, for a farewell dinner. The venue was set at River View hotel, with the boss being the host. And so we departed after work in three separate cars, me sitting in my friend's car. The journey was conclusively smooth at the beginning and not so near the end, due to congestion and stuff. B's car was tailing behind my boss'...and I tried sometimes to gesture the 'victory' sign so that my boss may notice us in the side mirror. Very dumb I know, guess I was too bored then. Hahaha.

By the time we set down at the table, it was roughly 7.15pm. The hotel is rather grand with 20+ storeys, the bottom five being where all the restaurants and stuff lie. Since the dinner was served buffet-style, there were no hassles in getting the dishes up the table quickly.

And here's what I have plundered from the food trays:

Dish #1 - Hong kong noodles with broccoli and steamed tofu

[No picture 'cos I forgot to take =x]

Anyway! This dish is arguably the best out of the four dishes I took that night, with the vegetables simply mixin' it up very nicely with the natural aroma of the noodles.

Rating: 9 / 10

Dish #2 - Fried rice with curry chicken and nonya-styled vegetables

Comments: Fried rice was a bit on the dry side but the side dishes made up for it. Curry was hot to just the right degree. The chicken meat was a bit tough though.

Rating: 7.5 / 10

Dish #3 - Watercress soup with pork ribs

Watercress was overly chopped, perhaps to allow easier scooping on the customer's part but kinda kills the usual 'feel' of this type of soup.

Rating: 6 / 10

Dish #4 - Good ol' coffee with sugar

[Again, no pics. Haha I guess I should plan my blog better in future. LOL]

Comments: I know it's crazy to be drinking coffee at 8 plus, but apparently they have no other drinks [not counting the 'weird' drinks that are green colour] beside coffee and tea. Obviously not as nice as homemade coffee...

Rating: 4.5 / 10

I am not really a buffet kinda person, having felt kind of 'knocked out' after these few rounds of food while my colleagues kept tucking away and jesting around. Sometimes I just sat there, quietly listening while certain thoughts from the past intermittently flooded into my mind. As for what those thoughts were, well that's for another time.


For the time being, I will be updating my blog only on weekends...this is due to blogs getting blocked in my company, and I am tired at night. =(

Thanks to all readers for supporting my blog!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It’s been almost a 100 days

…of my internship. Time really flies, I could still vividly remember the very first day when I stepped into the office, looking like a goondoo. Things are much more settled, too settled in fact that’s it’s becoming somewhat stale. Almost everyday is like this:

8.15 am – Reaches office (OK, I know I am late, but I can’t help it sometimes…)

8.30 am – 1 x Milo and 2 x plain water to kick start my day

Bulk of the morning – Glued in front of the computer, doing mostly data entry, coupled with occasional chit-chats on and internet surfing*

12 noon – Lunch with colleagues

1 pm – Back to office, 1 x Milo** and 2 x plain water for re-energizing and re-hydration purposes

Bulk of the afternoon – Glued in front of the computer. Yet again.

5.30 pm – Balek kampong

7 pm - Reaches my den

*Sometimes I read footy mags, just to throw in some spice
**Milo runs out very often for some reason, so sometimes I had to substitute it with coffee or tea instead. Am limiting the caffeine intake to one cup per day maximum

Sometimes I wonder, is this what I am gonna do for the further 30, 40 years of my life? It terrifies me. My brain and limbs are already feeling very numb after these few months…I certainly would prefer something that allows me to do a variety of stuff, move about and be creative. Am a bit skeptical about whether that’s possible in an engineering-related post.

Any good recommendations?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

老板!! 不要再看了!! 我急着 submit leh~~

Hmm in case you wonder who that '老板' in the title is, it was referring to me. =p

So it was another normal day going to work, I had to negotiate an ultra-long, winding but thankfully, rather flat road to reach my office. And once I stepped into the office, my boss was waiting for me with a stack of documents...he required me to fill in the top portion (there are two portions of the document, I was usually required to fill in the bottom part only). So I proceeded to fill in the documents.

I have a habit of multi-tasking, even during lectures in school. I usually can do up till four things at once: paying attention to the lecture and copying, talking cock with my friends, surf net and MSN-ing, so I guess the habit is hard to kick. And hence, I slotted small sessions of internet surfing in between periods of copying.

I couldn't watch the Champions League final last night due to its broadcasting time, so I decided to catch up by reading the post-match reports and such. Then came my boss suddenly:

"老板!! 不要再看了!! 我急着 submit leh~~"

I was like, oops! And so off went the windows. Only then he told me that the top portion was required to be filled in...I was like....duh. OK. Hahaha. Not a big deal actually, just thought it was hilarious.

And on the last note, congrats to Manchester United for conquering Europe after 9 years of waiting!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A trip down memory lane

"We'll meet for soccer for once in eight years. The next time we meet, each of us will bring our wives and babies, let them sit on the sidelines and watch us play." and so BT said. Far-fetched, but hilarious nonetheless.

That was one of the many lines exchanged between me and my pals during yesterday morning's 'weekend warriors soccer meetup'.

It was a typically warm Saturday morning and the weekend warriors embarked on another session of soccer, this time at my secondary school. All except one are alumni of Anglican High. A friend of mine suggested this, as the court below my house is chronically idea which I accepted. It's a tantalizing idea, for I have not stepped foot on my old school since I graduated.

In a typically 'Singaporean' meetup so remarked by CW, all except two (me and him) were late. And to make matters worse, the school compound have now been double-barricaded, so entry from the basketball court area is not possible now. The only way into the futsal court within the compound would be through the main gate - which would proved to be literally an 'uphill' task imbued with sprinklings of nostalgia.

So the 'team' of 12 ambled around the perimeter and climbed the long flight of stairs...which have not changed a bit despite the passing of nearly a decade:

After zig-zagging our way up the slope, we set foot in the school itself - it looks so familiar in some areas, yet so radically different in others. One prominent 'landmark' which had not been altered is the infamous clock tower beside the design & technology room:

Now shouldn't the adjective be 'famous' instead of 'infamous'? Well there used to be a spooky tale surrounding this tower - someone had leapt and died from this tower before. And to add to the spookiness, I have once seen a miniature crucifix placed beside a wall, beyond where the flight of stairs were (and probably are) locked away from unsuspecting public, or rascals who don't know how to spell 'die.

A number of things did not change of which is the indoor basketball court:

...a place where I fondly remember the inter-school basketball matches, as well as those times when I shied away in one corner peeping at my crush. Hahaha. Ah those were the times...let bygones and bygones.

However the classrooms became radically different from what I used to know:

The corridors seem to be much wider and neater than what I used to there are lockers outside too! Kids nowadays are really spoilt...

The soccer session was over in a flash and I only managed to net one goal. But it didn't matter, it's the company that counts. After the session, the 'team' went the reverse direction that we came and down the hills...with the school disappearing into the distant background.

A truly memorable trip down the memory lane.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

One of the worst lunch I ever had!! >=(

When it comes to dining outside, my requirements are not high. I just require the preparer of the food to at least have sound basic culinary techniques, decent presentation skills and at least a friendly and customer-oriented disposition towards the customers. But I was not entitled to any of those today afternoon.

As usual, my supervisor did the honors of driving me and a few other colleagues out for lunch. An Indian Muslim outlet was the destination. Although I am not a big fan of Indian food, but at least I could make do with some of their dishes. Once settled down, we took turns to order food…and I wanted a plate of sambal chicken rice. The orders came after some time, considering it was a busy lunchtime. The guy in charge delivered the wrong dish, so I requested for a change of dish.

The dish was taken away and I had to wait. As my supervisor and colleagues ate, I had to sit there looking a little awkward. Then time ticked by…still no sign of him. I tried looking around, but I could not see him anywhere. So a couple of my colleagues helped to alert another helper of my situation. Minutes ticked by, but nothing happened.

After about 15 minutes of nothingness, the guy finally came and laid down the correct dish, which was really just the previous dish with the chicken drenched in sambal sauce. There wasn’t any hint of a ‘sorry’, so I had to stomach my angst for the while. I quickly tried the food, it seemed as if the food had been left somewhere for that period of waiting time, only had the sauce added last minute. Both the rice and chicken were cold and hard, it was barely edible…but I did not request for the food to be warmed, as the others had nearly finished their meal. So I attempted to eat a little, but could not carry on as my appetite for the meal had virtually all gone.

In the end, I had to satiate myself with a pau in the tiny pantry. What an experience.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Life is so fragile

As probably all would have known by now, the Szechuan province of China had been stricken by an earthquake that was the most serious in 32 years. More than 12,000 lives are lost and many are still trapped under piles of rubbles. Chances of making it out of entrapment are slim at best, given the scale of the debacle. It's now two major disasters within the space of two weeks.

Although Singapore is out of the earthquake zone geographically and is almost immune to all other natural disasters, I cannot help but think about how fragile human lives can be. There is simply no telling when the end would arrive. Hence, I guess an important quality one should possess is the ability to cherish and be thankful of the things we have, as well as the people we are with. It's something I have gradually learned to realize as I grow older.

There's an old saying 'live life everyday as if it's the last'. Not an easy task by any means, particularly when everyday living here has the uncanny ability to numb one's heart. Before our heart totally loses its feeling, perhaps it is good to reflect on life occasionally and appreciate the very fact that we are still alive and kicking.

My best wishes go to the victims of Myanmar and China.

Monday, May 12, 2008

United front - an amazing effort (Part I)

OK, so Manchester United won the title eventually. I shan't repeat how last night match went, instead this is a reflection of how the season had went, and how each player have performed...I am no John Dykes or Steve McMahon, so don't treat my viewpoints too seriously. Hahaha~


Edwin van der Sar (Rating: 8 / 10)

Reliable throughout the season, making crucial saves his full-time hobby. However, he is prone to odd mistakes and can look shaky at times...hence the 'adjusted' score.

Tomas Kuszczak (Rating: 7 / 10)

Did well when pushed to the frontlines. Unlucky to get sent off against Portsmouth during the FA Cup quarter-final, otherwise he was reliable between the posts.

Ben Foster (Rating: 6 / 10)

Didn't give him too high a rating as he only played against Derby County away. Hence, his abilities against the top strikers are still relatively...unknown.


Patrice Evra (Rating: 8.5 / 10)

Highly dependable full-back who combines well with whoever playing on the left side. Pacy and showed marked improvement in physical strength and defensive capabilities.

Mikael Silvestre (Rating: 6.5 / 10)

Sat out most of the season due to injury but did well when back on the pitch. Has to stay fit if he wants to give Evra a run for his money.

Gerard Pique (Rating: 7 / 10)

Strong at the back when called upon, an able replacement for Ferdinand and Vidic when either one of them is out. Needs more experience though, his misjudgment against Bolton Wanderers away cost United 3 points.

Rio Ferdinand (Rating: 8 / 10)

Commanding presence at the back who marshals the line well. Still prone to lapses in concentration, but lesser than before.

Nemanja Vidic (Rating: 9 / 10)

Did all the dirty work at the back to ensure United can attack freely. Is definitely on par with the likes of Jaap Stam and Steve Bruce.

Wes Brown (Rating: 7.5 / 10)

OK, he is in peak performance in the past couple of months but the fact is...he is slow and can lose possession quite easily. It would be better for United to get a better defender.

Gary Neville (Rating: -)

Did not play throughout the season due to injury, hence cannot be commented on.


Owen Hargreaves (Rating: 8 / 10)

Plagued by injury at the start of the season, but demonstrated tremendous dependability once he is on the pitch. Versatile, is able to convert to right-back when required.

Michael Carrick (Rating: 7.5 / 10)

Deployed as deep-lying midfielder most of the time but in reality, his attacking qualities are stronger. Needs to score more goals.

Paul Scholes (Rating: 6.5 / 10)

Displays quiet influence in the middle of the pitch but performance has gone down due to his age. However, his experience is beneficial to the younger generation of Red Devils.

Anderson Oliveira (Rating: 7.5 / 10)

Gradually improved as the season progresses. Hardworking, has good technique and passing range, able to tackle as well. The only letdown is his lack of goals.

Ryan Giggs (Rating: 6.5 / 10)

Similar to Scholes, his age had impeded his performance. Used sparingly and sadly, looked out of sorts for large parts of the season.

Luis Nani (Rating: 6 / 10)

Price tag may not be justified as he had a rather erratic first season. Scored a few screamers but still needs time to mature. Needs to control his tantrums too as well as up his physical strength.

Park Ji-Sung (Rating: 7 / 10)

Hardworking player who did what he was told to do consistently. A useful player, especially when United require more energy and defensive cover in the team.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Rating: 9 / 10)

Had a wonderful season which saw him beat records left, right, center. Have matured a lot but can do better to not follow George Best's cavorting ways.


Carlos Tevez (Rating: 8.5 / 10)

The guy with the knack to score goals at the death, an embodiment of the Red Devil's spirit. More dependable than his strike partner.

Wayne Rooney (Rating: 7 / 10)

Mercurial striker with lots of quality but often fails to deliver. Needs to be more consistent although he has curbed his temper very well under the tutelage of Fergie.

Louis Saha (Rating: 6 / 10)

A 'forgotten man' who was scarcely reliable in front of goal, often spurning chances. Looks to be on his way out should a suitable replacement arrives.

Dong Fangzhuo (Rating: -)

Wonder why Man United even bothered to sign him...

Manucho (Rating: -)

Spent the whole season on loan, hence cannot be commented on.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

One Night in Beijing (English Version)

Alright, so I went to K-Box today with my university pals. Hard to go out with 'em these days due to the crazy workload us students have to bear. Anyway, I had a whale of time despite the relatively poor start...due to slight sore throat. Well, I think I sang about...10 songs? Both Chinese and English ones. One of them was 'One Night in Beijing' (Shin version)...and I decided to do a half-assed translation of the song into...English!! Enjoy.

One night in Beijing
One night in Beijing

I left behind lots of love

Doesn't matter whether you love or not

'Cos you will be history anyway

One night in Beijing
One night in Beijing

I left behind lots of love

I do not dare to ask for directions at night

'Cos I am afraid of getting drowned by the flowers

According to people, in the abyss of flowers

There live an old lover who mends embroidered shoes

An amiable old woman

Who is waiting for her Ninja turtle that had gone to war

One night in Beijing
One night in Beijing

No more Chivas Regal for you, my dude

When one loiters near the gates of Di-an

None will not be moved

One night in Beijing
One night in Beijing

I left behind lots of love

The guys who drown in song and wine

Are the lazy pigs from the north

People says those pigs from the north

Will sedia outside the gates, bearing the frigid winds

Donned in rusty armor

Howling outwards in the gates, with tears welling up


I have waited for a millenium

Why are the castle gates still shut?


I have waited for a millenium

Why is my Mr. Good still not back yet?

One night in Beijing
One night in Beijing

I left behind lots of love

I do not dare to ask for directions at night

'Cos I fear I would scar a few sad souls

One night in Beijing
One night in Beijing

I left behind lots of love

I do not dare to ask for directions at night

Don't wanna get lost near the gates of Di-an

Got sick of asking you

Where the hell have you been to?

Got sick of thinking about

Whether you'll be back for EPL finale

Thinking about your heart

As well as your face

Wanna imprison you in my memories

For as long as I can

*Disclaimer: This 'translation' is purely for entertainment purposes only...for a good laugh yeah. =p

I did change some parts of the song to increase the 'fun' factor. Got the idea after I reached home.

Friday, May 9, 2008

My first post!!

Argh. Finally I have my first post. Hmm should I be happy or sad? Well I really don't know...feeling kinda numb nowadays. Work is as usual, monotonous and unfulfilling...but at least I am fetching some moolah, so I guess I shouldn't complain? I probably shouldn't...moolah's hard to come by these years yeah...

Feelin' a bit tired, maybe it's 'cos of the time bah. It reads 10.37 PM on the corner of my screen. Ugh. Hmm luckily I don't have to go to work tomorrow...hmm but I have to wake up early anyway. Why you ask? Look out for updates yeah... =p

Guess I should make my exit le. Bye blog!