Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What’s the shortest distance between you and a celebrity?

10 m? 20 m? Or under 1 cm? Do note that I am not referring to the distance whereby when you saw your favorite celebrity (whoever that is) on your TV, lost yourself and decided to plant a huge kiss on the TV screen. I am referring to actually seeing him or her in their real self.

I am not someone who would gatecrash concerts, attend autograph sessions or splash cash on extravagant match tickets just to catch celebrities in action. However, I am fortunate enough myself to have caught sight of a total of…3 celebrities, when I wasn’t planning to at all.

Celebrity #1

Felicia Chin

Last seen: Approximately October 2007

Venue: Techno Edge, NUS

Seen: She was asking for students’ opinions on certain stalls. Looks like another food program

Outlook: Explosive hairstyle with bright red colored hair. Full body dress with high heels, complete with extravagant makeup

Approximate equilibrium separation: ~30 m

Was hurrying to a lecture after consuming my lunch, so did not move closer to take a better look at her

Celebrity #2

Quan Yi-feng

Last seen: Approximately January 2008

Venue: Bedok town area, in front of a flower shop

Seen: Elaborating on how to prepare certain home-made noodle dish with a male co-host, surrounded by a small crowd of audience

Outlook: Flamboyant red hair, thick mascara complete with sleeveless shirt and jeans

Approximate equilibrium separation: ~5 m

I stood around for around 10 minutes before moving off, as I needed to do some errands.

Celebrity #3

Adrian Pang

Last seen: Last Saturday!

Venue: Somewhere outside a medical shop in Bedok town area

Seen: Alone, possibly for a walk or to shop

Outlook: White sleeveless shirt and blue jeans. Seemed to be rather solemn and maybe a bit tense

Approximate equilibrium separation: ~2 m

Hmm...I could have possibly stepped on his toes had I decided to do a standing broad jump. LOL!

So! The shortest distance between me and a celebrity is ~2 m. What's yours? =p


Darran said...

Half a metre, Rainie Yang! Oh gosh ...

krisandro said...

Eh... i got a quite a few close encounters but KKNN has the most.. her family prawn noodle business has the celebrities coming to her.