Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I pontanged from my work today!!! go to Sentosa. The feeling of the sound of waves, the rustling of leaves, warm rays from the sun and the feel of those finely ground white sand beneath my feet approximately 510 days ago just resurfaced at an instant. Few moments can be better than slacking away in the vastly empty Tanjong Beach, while probably most people are still sweating profusely at their desks, trying their best to clear the stash of papers beside the PC before 5.30pm strikes.

It was approximately 3pm. I was beginning to feel a bit listless, when some of my friends saw a soccer ball lying unguarded on the crystalline sand, with two pairs of slippers erected in the sand, on two sides of it. What luck!! That must be what me and my friends were thinking. So we rushed forth to 'tamper' with the ball. Initially, we decided to play beach soccer...but not wanting to leave the girls out, we changed the game to captain's ball instead. No chairs? Never mind! Just us and the ball will do. And what a fun hour that was, although my movement was a bit laborious under the hot sun and soft sand.

OK! Are you envious by now? Hahaha~~but look!! There is something fishy here. Have you been reading my posts all along? You would know what's wrong if you had been doing so... :p

Note: NPNT, I know I know...will upgrade my handphone soon so I can post beautiful pictures~~

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