Saturday, May 31, 2008

IA farewell dinner @ River View Hotel...with announcements

OK so my IA is ending soon (about four weeks from now), thus my boss decided to invite me and my friend, B (another IA student), along with some colleagues, for a farewell dinner. The venue was set at River View hotel, with the boss being the host. And so we departed after work in three separate cars, me sitting in my friend's car. The journey was conclusively smooth at the beginning and not so near the end, due to congestion and stuff. B's car was tailing behind my boss'...and I tried sometimes to gesture the 'victory' sign so that my boss may notice us in the side mirror. Very dumb I know, guess I was too bored then. Hahaha.

By the time we set down at the table, it was roughly 7.15pm. The hotel is rather grand with 20+ storeys, the bottom five being where all the restaurants and stuff lie. Since the dinner was served buffet-style, there were no hassles in getting the dishes up the table quickly.

And here's what I have plundered from the food trays:

Dish #1 - Hong kong noodles with broccoli and steamed tofu

[No picture 'cos I forgot to take =x]

Anyway! This dish is arguably the best out of the four dishes I took that night, with the vegetables simply mixin' it up very nicely with the natural aroma of the noodles.

Rating: 9 / 10

Dish #2 - Fried rice with curry chicken and nonya-styled vegetables

Comments: Fried rice was a bit on the dry side but the side dishes made up for it. Curry was hot to just the right degree. The chicken meat was a bit tough though.

Rating: 7.5 / 10

Dish #3 - Watercress soup with pork ribs

Watercress was overly chopped, perhaps to allow easier scooping on the customer's part but kinda kills the usual 'feel' of this type of soup.

Rating: 6 / 10

Dish #4 - Good ol' coffee with sugar

[Again, no pics. Haha I guess I should plan my blog better in future. LOL]

Comments: I know it's crazy to be drinking coffee at 8 plus, but apparently they have no other drinks [not counting the 'weird' drinks that are green colour] beside coffee and tea. Obviously not as nice as homemade coffee...

Rating: 4.5 / 10

I am not really a buffet kinda person, having felt kind of 'knocked out' after these few rounds of food while my colleagues kept tucking away and jesting around. Sometimes I just sat there, quietly listening while certain thoughts from the past intermittently flooded into my mind. As for what those thoughts were, well that's for another time.


For the time being, I will be updating my blog only on weekends...this is due to blogs getting blocked in my company, and I am tired at night. =(

Thanks to all readers for supporting my blog!!

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