Thursday, May 22, 2008

老板!! 不要再看了!! 我急着 submit leh~~

Hmm in case you wonder who that '老板' in the title is, it was referring to me. =p

So it was another normal day going to work, I had to negotiate an ultra-long, winding but thankfully, rather flat road to reach my office. And once I stepped into the office, my boss was waiting for me with a stack of documents...he required me to fill in the top portion (there are two portions of the document, I was usually required to fill in the bottom part only). So I proceeded to fill in the documents.

I have a habit of multi-tasking, even during lectures in school. I usually can do up till four things at once: paying attention to the lecture and copying, talking cock with my friends, surf net and MSN-ing, so I guess the habit is hard to kick. And hence, I slotted small sessions of internet surfing in between periods of copying.

I couldn't watch the Champions League final last night due to its broadcasting time, so I decided to catch up by reading the post-match reports and such. Then came my boss suddenly:

"老板!! 不要再看了!! 我急着 submit leh~~"

I was like, oops! And so off went the windows. Only then he told me that the top portion was required to be filled in...I was like....duh. OK. Hahaha. Not a big deal actually, just thought it was hilarious.

And on the last note, congrats to Manchester United for conquering Europe after 9 years of waiting!

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