Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Life is so fragile

As probably all would have known by now, the Szechuan province of China had been stricken by an earthquake that was the most serious in 32 years. More than 12,000 lives are lost and many are still trapped under piles of rubbles. Chances of making it out of entrapment are slim at best, given the scale of the debacle. It's now two major disasters within the space of two weeks.

Although Singapore is out of the earthquake zone geographically and is almost immune to all other natural disasters, I cannot help but think about how fragile human lives can be. There is simply no telling when the end would arrive. Hence, I guess an important quality one should possess is the ability to cherish and be thankful of the things we have, as well as the people we are with. It's something I have gradually learned to realize as I grow older.

There's an old saying 'live life everyday as if it's the last'. Not an easy task by any means, particularly when everyday living here has the uncanny ability to numb one's heart. Before our heart totally loses its feeling, perhaps it is good to reflect on life occasionally and appreciate the very fact that we are still alive and kicking.

My best wishes go to the victims of Myanmar and China.

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