Sunday, May 18, 2008

A trip down memory lane

"We'll meet for soccer for once in eight years. The next time we meet, each of us will bring our wives and babies, let them sit on the sidelines and watch us play." and so BT said. Far-fetched, but hilarious nonetheless.

That was one of the many lines exchanged between me and my pals during yesterday morning's 'weekend warriors soccer meetup'.

It was a typically warm Saturday morning and the weekend warriors embarked on another session of soccer, this time at my secondary school. All except one are alumni of Anglican High. A friend of mine suggested this, as the court below my house is chronically idea which I accepted. It's a tantalizing idea, for I have not stepped foot on my old school since I graduated.

In a typically 'Singaporean' meetup so remarked by CW, all except two (me and him) were late. And to make matters worse, the school compound have now been double-barricaded, so entry from the basketball court area is not possible now. The only way into the futsal court within the compound would be through the main gate - which would proved to be literally an 'uphill' task imbued with sprinklings of nostalgia.

So the 'team' of 12 ambled around the perimeter and climbed the long flight of stairs...which have not changed a bit despite the passing of nearly a decade:

After zig-zagging our way up the slope, we set foot in the school itself - it looks so familiar in some areas, yet so radically different in others. One prominent 'landmark' which had not been altered is the infamous clock tower beside the design & technology room:

Now shouldn't the adjective be 'famous' instead of 'infamous'? Well there used to be a spooky tale surrounding this tower - someone had leapt and died from this tower before. And to add to the spookiness, I have once seen a miniature crucifix placed beside a wall, beyond where the flight of stairs were (and probably are) locked away from unsuspecting public, or rascals who don't know how to spell 'die.

A number of things did not change of which is the indoor basketball court:

...a place where I fondly remember the inter-school basketball matches, as well as those times when I shied away in one corner peeping at my crush. Hahaha. Ah those were the times...let bygones and bygones.

However the classrooms became radically different from what I used to know:

The corridors seem to be much wider and neater than what I used to there are lockers outside too! Kids nowadays are really spoilt...

The soccer session was over in a flash and I only managed to net one goal. But it didn't matter, it's the company that counts. After the session, the 'team' went the reverse direction that we came and down the hills...with the school disappearing into the distant background.

A truly memorable trip down the memory lane.

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