Wednesday, May 14, 2008

One of the worst lunch I ever had!! >=(

When it comes to dining outside, my requirements are not high. I just require the preparer of the food to at least have sound basic culinary techniques, decent presentation skills and at least a friendly and customer-oriented disposition towards the customers. But I was not entitled to any of those today afternoon.

As usual, my supervisor did the honors of driving me and a few other colleagues out for lunch. An Indian Muslim outlet was the destination. Although I am not a big fan of Indian food, but at least I could make do with some of their dishes. Once settled down, we took turns to order food…and I wanted a plate of sambal chicken rice. The orders came after some time, considering it was a busy lunchtime. The guy in charge delivered the wrong dish, so I requested for a change of dish.

The dish was taken away and I had to wait. As my supervisor and colleagues ate, I had to sit there looking a little awkward. Then time ticked by…still no sign of him. I tried looking around, but I could not see him anywhere. So a couple of my colleagues helped to alert another helper of my situation. Minutes ticked by, but nothing happened.

After about 15 minutes of nothingness, the guy finally came and laid down the correct dish, which was really just the previous dish with the chicken drenched in sambal sauce. There wasn’t any hint of a ‘sorry’, so I had to stomach my angst for the while. I quickly tried the food, it seemed as if the food had been left somewhere for that period of waiting time, only had the sauce added last minute. Both the rice and chicken were cold and hard, it was barely edible…but I did not request for the food to be warmed, as the others had nearly finished their meal. So I attempted to eat a little, but could not carry on as my appetite for the meal had virtually all gone.

In the end, I had to satiate myself with a pau in the tiny pantry. What an experience.

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