Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It’s been almost a 100 days

…of my internship. Time really flies, I could still vividly remember the very first day when I stepped into the office, looking like a goondoo. Things are much more settled, too settled in fact that’s it’s becoming somewhat stale. Almost everyday is like this:

8.15 am – Reaches office (OK, I know I am late, but I can’t help it sometimes…)

8.30 am – 1 x Milo and 2 x plain water to kick start my day

Bulk of the morning – Glued in front of the computer, doing mostly data entry, coupled with occasional chit-chats on ping.sg and internet surfing*

12 noon – Lunch with colleagues

1 pm – Back to office, 1 x Milo** and 2 x plain water for re-energizing and re-hydration purposes

Bulk of the afternoon – Glued in front of the computer. Yet again.

5.30 pm – Balek kampong

7 pm - Reaches my den

*Sometimes I read footy mags, just to throw in some spice
**Milo runs out very often for some reason, so sometimes I had to substitute it with coffee or tea instead. Am limiting the caffeine intake to one cup per day maximum

Sometimes I wonder, is this what I am gonna do for the further 30, 40 years of my life? It terrifies me. My brain and limbs are already feeling very numb after these few months…I certainly would prefer something that allows me to do a variety of stuff, move about and be creative. Am a bit skeptical about whether that’s possible in an engineering-related post.

Any good recommendations?

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Daryl Tay said...

Hey man I agree with you! I've been on internship for awhile, and I like what I'm doing, but I really wonder how people do this for like 20 years of their life!!