Saturday, October 11, 2008

Intuitions. Do you trust them?

Intuitions. The power of knowing or understanding something without having to think hard. Or call it 'sixth sense' if you want. They may not be exactly the same, but they do come close I feel. In my opinion, such a 'skill' is complementary to logical thinking, and is a good defense mechanism when logical thinking does not seem to derive you the answers you want. At least, it works for me. Strange eh? Considering this is coming from a guy...although it is commonly said that women have better intuitions than men.

Let me cite you a few examples then:

1). There was once, or rather twice, or maybe even more, when I had strong intuitions before I receive my exam paper. On the first occasion, it was in secondary 2, just before I receive my history paper. I had a strong hunch that I was going to get a certain score...and what's creepy was, the score on that paper actually matched my hunch seamlessly! And then there was this other occasion when I took back my Physics mid-term paper. I also had this strong feeling that I was going to do exceptionally well. And turned out, it did.

2). Now, this one was not that pleasant. I was seeing this girl not very long was my first flame, and we clicked, so I was thinking why not give it a go again. But on a particular Saturday, I had this weird feeling throughout the entire day. It's like a deep sense of sorrow, as if my heart had been carved open...and guess what? Something unpleasant happened between her and her friend that very night...and my heart was battered. I then decided that it would be wise to move on, as there is no point keeping someone who's heart is not with you.

Also, there are countless other times when I had small hunches which, more often than not, proved to be right. Such as when I feel something amiss about an individual, something is bound to happen later.

I have always pride myself as a logical person...but one's brain can only bring you so far. Maybe I should also learn to listen and trust the vibes that my heart gives out.

So how about you then? Do you trust yours?

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Fitness | Design Jurulatih said...

Intuition or "sixth sense" can help reveal hidden agendas/secrets/possibilities, but there is a thin-line between intuition and suspicion.

Personally, I do not follow my intuition whole-heartedly, but rather investigate the matter in detail before making any unnecessary presumptions that I might regret later.

My advice is, Don't jump into conclusions.