Monday, July 21, 2008 2nd Anniversary - A success

The day was 19 July at around 2.30pm. I sauntered out of Dhoby Ghaut MRT station and was welcomed by a warm sunny weather, as I headed for the destination: Fig & Olive. Not too many people on the road, which was good, as I would not be late for the final preparation before the party starts. The journey was relatively smooth and within a quarter of an hour, I had reached the doorsteps of the outlet.

Preparations: An overview

As I stepped inside, not too many pingsters were there at first. Converged around two tables were about six pingsters, including NTT and daphne who were dabbling with the presentation slides and scripts for the final time. The atmosphere was casual, with most of the stuff already in place for the event.

Gradually, more and more of the committee members arrived with the necessary stuff. The cupcakes department was the first to be ready, with 64 of the sweet thingies all hiding inside the three big cardboard boxes, awaiting to be devoured. The envelope department caught up rather quickly too, with approximately 80 envelopes quickly settled by us few pingsters. Following suit are the souvenirs and audio/video departments, which brushed up their work before registration time with minimal fuss.

And I, too, grabbed a T-shirt for myself. My first T-shirt! Another free T-shirt to my wardrobe, although I...still haven't wore it. Yet.

The game

Now cometh one of the most exciting parts of the anniversary itself - The Pong & Poof Game! Some of the pingsters started 'attacking' others with the stickers right away, with a few of them being the popular targets for these 'attacks'. I got 'attacked' a few times as well, but not as many as the one that eventually won - the little girl who's got so many stickers on her name tag that, one would really struggle to count the exact number of the stickers.

It's presentation time!

At approximately 4pm, NTT and mintea commenced the award ceremony in tandem. Awards were given out without major hiccups, in the witness of a throng of excited pingsters. Conclusively, there wasn't a single moment of boredom within the ceremony itself.

Second round of mingling plus dinner

Due to the awards presentation finishing slightly earlier than expected (at around 5.30pm), dinner was not ready yet. Hence, the time was ripe for the unveiling of the cupcakes! 64 cupcakes, nicely arranged on a round table, was wheeled out in eager anticipation of the pingsters. A pleasant contrast was achieved in the use of the color schemes of the cake, with blue letter toppings or whitish-blue little decorations and the chocolate at the bottom sandwiching a rather thick layer of the cream in the middle. The texture and feel of the cake had the right amount of thickness, without an overly strong aroma.

The only (minor) joke of the day was...I mistook the dragees as metal balls -_- and I actually wondered why would I be needing iron supplements when I am not suffering from iron deficiency...

Anyway! Dinner was promptly served while we were busying finishing our cupcakes. A good variety of dishes were served buffet-style, and I had my share too. The food deserved between 7 to 8 marks, out of a total of 10! During this period, I also had the chance to interact with some of the pingsters which I have never seen before.

Lipdub video

Next up was the lipdub video, the masterful concoction directed by rinaz and helped out by a group of pingsters. And I have to say that, it was amazing! I have never done one myself and I didn't know it can be so humorous. (Well I had the chance to, but I was bogged down by other stuffs so I couldn't contribute =() I would definitely want to do one if I get a next chance. Heh.

Lucky draw!

After the sponsors' speech and presentation of the blog, as well as post of the year award, the final event of the day was the lucky draw. The funny thing was, prior to the draw itself, I actually had a premonition that I would be one of the winners. I don't know why, but my sixth sense usually would not fail me. And it did not, as I got myself a $20 Borders voucher! Time to shop for some books~haha.


The lucky draw was then succeeded by group phototaking, of which the camera lady expertly managed to squeeze all the pingsters into her photo frame. Looking outside, it was already 8pm, with the roads wetted by drizzles. As some of the pingsters geared up for the after party-party at Timbre, I had to make a move first as I had a long day prior to the anniversary.

And so off I go, making my way slowly back to the train station and beyond. The air was slightly cold, but it could not douse my mood as it had been a successful anniversary. Hope that will get better and better!


Adber said...

Metal ball!!! /point at mlm hahahahahahaha

uzyn said...

The party couldn't have been a successful without helpful organizing committee members like you, mlmaestro.

Thanks so much for making it a success.

And wow, you write really well.

daphne maia said...


:) u write really well, n u described everything in detail.

thanks for all ur help on that day :)

arzhou said...

Well... not many ppl do realise the metal balls can be eaten. I made that error too in the past

oOFooi said...

Congratulation. and also have to thanks for the committee members for their hard work and contributed.