Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I ran away from school and went uncaught for 208 days!!

The exodus...had officially ended yesterday. Yup, I am not joking...I counted. I was away from school for 208 days. When I stepped back into the school, I had to take a bit of time to figure out where to go to a couple of places. Everything looks familiar yet a tad distant, refreshing yet nostalgic. Ah. Feels so good to run away from school...

Now...what were you thinking? I was away from school because of attachment lah. I am such a good student OK~why would I do such a thing? xD Then, why did I decide to go back then, you ask? It was to meet my professor to discuss how to kick start my FYP... =p

It was approximately 2.30pm. Time for the meeting. I was a bit apprehensive as for one, I have never met that professor before (I selected the project based on recommendations) and two, it was actually my very first time during the three years in school, that I am visiting a professor alone for discussion. And so...gingerly, I knocked on the door. After a few knocks, he asked me to go in and I did.

After roughly half an hour, I was out of his office. Not a bad first meeting, I guess. I was briefed on the framework of my project...and it sounded...chim (OK OK, which FYP title is not chim?) But I have the confidence to do it, as I find it interesting and do know a bit of stuff related to the project.

Subsequently, I went to see a co-supervisor and received some administrative instructions. That's formal, you think. But the focus is not here. The focus was...I actually walked the wrong direction before I realized my mistake. Well...that's what a long exodus from your familiar environment can do to you... =(

Anyway, this re-embarkation onto the school compound marked the beginning of another journey. What will happen on this journey? I don't know, but I hope everything can go as smoothly as possible.

Peace out~

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krisandro said...

I see that you are mastering the art of misleading titles... WELL DONE!