Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Life lessons that I have learnt...so far

Been busy with my FYP readings these few days and haven't had the chance or inspiration to update my blog. Now I have. Hahaha. Something emotionally shocking happened a few days back, but I am gradually putting the pieces together again. Crises and misfortunes occur all the time throughout one's life, so it's your choice whether to come out stronger or raise your white flag. Though it is rather tempting to choose the second option (for the lack of fight), I have always picked the first choice.

I have a strong inclination towards deep thinking. Some friends of mine may find this statement intriguing, because they only see the crappy side of me the majority of the time. I do have a serious side as well, although not so evident at times. Admittedly, what's the use of thinking so much? I don't have the answer to my questions most of the time, but isn't life itself about continually exploring until you find the answers? It may take you 10, 20 years to find the answer. Perhaps you will never find the answer. Still, I persist staying on the road I have taken thus far.

Although 20+ years of life isn't that long, I did learn some things, some of which came from literature, others from personal experiences...most I did not once believe religiously until now...

1). Fight for the things you can fight for. Those that you cannot, just try your best and hope for the best

2). Think of how others feel before you say or act

3). Stand up for yourself when the situation requires you to

4). Accumulate as much good karma as you can, it will work for you nicely in future

5). Realize the importance of prioritization and flexible time management. It is never a good idea to cram your schedule and make your lifestyle extremely tense

6). Love with a true heart, without deception. Those that do not treasure are their losses anyway

7). No matter how popular you are, there is always someone who loves to go against you

8). Sometimes it is good to maintain a low profile. High profile attracts envy, jealousy and troubles alike

9). Act fast when an opportunity passes by. Let too many pass, and your life will be full of regrets

10). Care about those who genuinely cares about you as well

10 lessons. There may be more, but that's all I can think of for now. I am sure more lines will be added to this list as the new chapters in my life unfold...

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Ben said...

Agree with no.9. Opportunity only comes once :)

Good luck with your FYP and your life! :D

who has just graduated :)