Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I had my hand on 4 other girls'!!!

Good gracious. I don't think it has ever happened before, me touching the hands of the other four girls'! And examining them at close range, admiring their suppleness and softness. To add, I can tell who, out of the four, had been doing household chores...unlike the other three. I wonder how you would have felt if you were in my position. ;) must be thinking: how come I am so humsup right? Wrong! I am not, 'cos I am decent. Hahaha. And I didn't do that just because I liked to. It's because one of the girls, R, mentioned about palmistry during a conversation...and so, I helped them to do a free analysis.

Let's call the other three girls as A, B and S.

Before I say anything, I would like to first state that...I am half a pail of water when it comes to palmistry. Or 半桶水 in Chinese. I do know a bit, not much, but good enough for brief explanation.

Think of your palm as an uneven, barren plain with three main rivers and a multitude of creeks and tributaries. These three main rivers are termed as the relationship (top), intellect (middle) and life (bottom) lines. There is also a (usually) vertical line that runs from the base of your palm to somewhere beneath your fourth finger, or in between your middle and fourth finger. I have even seen slanted ones. This line is your career line.

Notice the short, horizontal lines below the base of your little finger? Those indicate how many relationships you are likely to have. The deepest line indicate marriage. The depth of each line also indicates the depth of each relationship.

Since I am no expert, I will give the most general rules in reading palmistry:

1). The lines should preferably be deep and easily visible, like being cut through by a blade
2). The lines should preferably not be broken
3). It is more favorable that there aren't too many 'tributaries' on your palm
4). If there are chain-like and/or criss-cross formations on one or more of your lines, it means you are likely to run into difficulties in those areas
5). Based on the orientation and position of the line(s), different meanings can be derived from it
6). For males, the left hand signifies the readings before 50. For females, refer to your right hand. Naturally, the other hand signifies those after 50
7). Lines do change, albeit slowly

HOKAY!! That's it for now. Just wanna share it with all of you 'cos I find it interesting.

And last but not least, palmistry is just for reference only...

Enjoy reading your palms!


hyperX said...

LOL... 4 girls. Good for u. Me still sticking with my oni girlfriend. ^^

Nubeals said...

Nice post. I've heard so many variations of this left hand right hand thing. It is established that whatever it is for the guys, it is inversed for the women (left is right and right is left).

From one source it said that the left hand for guys showed the hand that was transferred from parents (genes) and the right hand is what he makes of himself. Another said left hand was before marriage and right was after. Now you say left is before 50 and right is after.

I wonder which is the true version.

MLMaestro said...

To nubeals:

Hmm. I have not heard about the genes transfer thingy before, so I have learned something new. Haha.

I mostly learned my stuff off the internet when I am free. The 'left hand before 50, right hand after' was one of the fundamentals which I acquired early on...the reverse is true for girls.

If you are really interested to know, perhaps you can consult the experts. =) I am just a novice.